Saturday, August 28, 2010

She's Baaaa-aaack! I had a baby. I saw 2 pink lines and everything I knew and embraced about eating cleanly and intentionally went out the window. Oh, and the gym? I basically forgot how to get there.

But I am now the proud mother of another little boy who,quite frankly,was completely worth getting fat for. Oh and I did. I gained my usual amount despite my heartfelt declarations that I WOULD NOT.

So it is what it is. And now I'm ready to jump back into the kind of eating that my body loved. I felt great and I was a size that I felt comfortable being. Again, my mindset will be day-by-day decisions to make good choices that will move me towards my goal. I hope to post my menus here and document my journey back to the land of health. I like it there. And I like fitting into my clothes. Let's be honest--there's nothing quite like walking into a closet full of clothes that are no where near fitting to motivate you.

So here we go...Project No More Elastic Waistbands 3.0 is officially underway!

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